Importance Notice 重要通告

Carbon Dioxide is slight toxic, but..concentrations of up to 3% in air cause rapid, deep breathing which enhances the body’s intake of other toxic gases. At 5% breathing becomes laborious and at 9% the victim is likely to lose consciousness within a few minutes. Concentrations of 20% in air can kill in 20 to 30 minutes.

二氧化碳含低毒性,但 ….. 當濃度在空氣中佔3%時,會引致人呼吸急促。當濃度在空 氣中佔5%時,會引致人呼吸困難,而濃度佔9%時,大部份受害人於很短時間失去知 覺。而濃度佔20%時,可殺人於20至30分鐘內。

CO2 systems normally with concentration of not less than 50%, it shall be extremely dangerous to stay when it is discharged.




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