We are pleased to draw your attention that FSICA is going to jointly organize with The Industrial Technology Consultants Limited (ITCL) the captioned examination preparatory course for the interested parties to prepare themselves for the coming examination. The next latest registration examination will be held in July & Oct 2009. The contents of the course are briefed on the attached enrollment sheet. Candidates who pass in the examination will become the authorized signatory of a Class 3 Registered Contractor; qualified to install, test and commission as well as maintenance of the portable fire extinguishing equipments.


Hence, any members from FSICA, FEMC and Practitioners who are interested to sit for the examination are welcomed to take the captioned course for review and preparation. Details of the course are as follows: Class Schedule :

Date : 4-21 May 2009
Time : 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Venue : 新界葵涌8-10號葵秀路瑞森工業中心12樓E室
Fee : HK$1,400.00 (FSICA or FEMC member), HK$1,700.00 (Others)

Please note that the Class 3 written exam will be changed to a computerised exam (multiple-choice questions) from July 2008. We will demonstrate a mock up computerized multiple-choice questions test during the course to let the candidates to familiar with the new testing arrangement.

For those members who are interested in attending the course, please complete the enrollment form and fax to 21917853 for reservation, then mail it together with the crossed cheque to FSICA office, Room 1801, 18/F., Tung Wai Commercial Bldg., 109-111 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong for registration. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to “The Association of Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors of Hong Kong Ltd.”

If the numbers of the enrollment cannot reach the minimum threshold, the course will be cancelled.

授課日期 : 2009年5月4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21
上課節數 : 連模擬筆試共6節、每節2.5小時
授課時間 : 晚上7時至9時30分
授課地點 : 新界葵涌8-10號葵秀路瑞森工業中心12樓E室
授課語言 : 中文(粵語)
學費 : FSICA/FEMC會員 港幣一千四佰元
非會員 港幣一千七佰元
主講 : 資深消防專業人士
截止日期 : 2009年4月25日
查 詢 : 何小姐 23906368香港註冊消防工程公司商會有限公司

項目 課程大綱
1. 課程簡介、申請程序、考試日期、考試範圍、《消防(裝置及設備)規例》
2. 消防裝置,《消防 (裝置承辦商) 規例》,最低限度之消防裝置及設備守則,消防通告4/96(英文版)、消防通告4/97(中文版)
3. 燃燒理論,火的分類,滅火方法、滅火物質及滅火筒的構造
4. 滅火器筒的選擇及使用方法,消防通告11號,滅火筒保養,模擬電腦化筆試題目
5. 考試
6. 溫習考試,試題分析,滅火筒的辨認,水壓試



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