Other than working with our alliances, FEMC has also kicked-off our own promotion program to the secondary schools by leveraging “Other Learning Experiences – OLE” under Secondary Curriculum from Education Bureau.  This is outside school activities as required to encourage students learn new things other than their regular syllabus. On 21 April 2015, FEMC manpower committee has been invited to attend Kowloon City District School Principals’ Liaison Committee and present our ideas on how we would promote our industry towards students, aims to offer

  • 1 hour talk on E&M contracting industry and prospects to student for career planning
  • Demonstrate how technologies come from E&M contractors, i.e. district cooling, gas suppression protection, energy management for lift and HVAC, building management
  • Interaction with success models to show career path and coherence
  • Create positive images for E&M contractors (technology driven, large company, professional engineers teams etc)



Fig. FEMC – Mr. K.C Ma and Mr. Peter Lam has attended Kowloon City District School Principals’ Liaison Committee meeting and give a introduction about FEMC on 21 April


The presentation has gone well and then we received another invitation from CCC Kei To Secondary School (中華基督教會基道中學) to present our industry directly to their students on 2 June 2015, which is also another successful event and we have received valuable comments from students’ perspectives. According to their feedbacks, they considered us as a very interesting industry which 80% of our working time is outside office, and they found this is key attraction for them. And this is just a starting step since we need to gradually connect them during their study especially after DSE public exam. That will be a critical moment whether they will pick our industry-related subjects as further study and consider us as a career starting point. To achieve that, FEMC manpower committee has planned to organize more events to “lock them in our pocket” which will include company visits, mentor program and job-trial opportunity.  Task force has been setup to review the scope on this program, and as FEMC members, we are strongly encourage you contact us if you are interested to join our team for future promotion programs.


Fig. FEMC Manpower Committee have 1st promotion session in CCC Kei To Secondary School on 2 June 2015