FSICA submitted Position Letter to the Subcommittee on 5 June 2017 which supports the amendment of the Waterworks Regulation (Cap102A) and proposed to add a “Part 7 – Fire Services System Installation Immediate after Break Tank. Mr. Eric Yung, Chairman of FSICA, representing FSICA, attended the captioned subcommittee meeting on 20 June 2017 to express FSICA’s opinion mentioned above.

DevB replied to Legco member’s queries that they would consider FSICA’s suggestion in later stage of amendment of Waterworks Regulation and would discuss with FSICA on details on the issue.

Eric Yung Attending and delivery speech for FSICA at Legco on 20June.

There were three sessions in video related to FS:

I. 16:11 to 19:30 – First speech to express opinion
II. 51:10 to 53.23 – DevB reply on FSICA’s question
III. 1:09:06 to 1:11:40 – Express opinion on special approval on pipe coupling