消防商會第二十六屆高爾夫球挑戰賽已於 5 月 20 及 21 日完成。是屆比賽感謝由” 東 成五金有限公司”贊助,於” 棕櫚島高爾夫球會舉行,連續兩天的賽事都在滂沱大雨 下進行,第二天球會更因應天氣關係需要封場而腰斬部份賽事,導致該日需計算球 員最佳 9 洞決定成績。

這已是紀錄中連續第三次於該球會舉行消防商會盃比賽而遇上惡劣天氣,尤幸不減 球員雅興,大家都盡興而回。





獎項 得獎人
2 天總桿冠軍 Ho Shek Kei
5 月 20 日 冠軍 Henry Cheung
5 月 21 日 冠軍 Peter Kong
最近球洞獎 (5 月 20日) B5, B8, C3, C6 Peter Yeung
Raymond To
Peter Kong
KK Lee
最近中線獎(5 月 20日) B3, C8 Alfred Yung
YB Luk
最近球洞獎(5 月 21日) B5, B8, C3, C6 Fong Yau Hang
Ricky Leung
Terence Leong
YB Luk
最近中線獎(5 月 21日) B6, C2 Henry Cheung
Andy Wong





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~~~~ previous notice ~~~~ 


Pleased to inform you that our 26th FSICA Golf Competition – Tung Shing – MEIDE Cup sponsored by Tung Shing Hardware Company Ltd will be held on 20  & 21 May 2016 with details as follows:-

Date : 20  & 21 May 2016
Golf Course : 棕櫚島高爾夫球會

Notice is attached for your information.

Should you be interested in joining, please complete the reply slip and fax to 21917853 or email to info@fsica.org.hk before 6 May 2016.  As the number of participants is limited, acceptance will be based on first come first served basis.



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